About mereHope

mere \’mi(ə)r\ adjective, from the Latin merus pure, bare. 1. done or invoked without assistance or support, 2. fully realized or developed: absolute, total, undiminished, 3. exclusive of or considered apart from anything else, 4. having no admixture: pure, undiluted.

Hope \’hōp \ noun, from Old English hopa. 1. trust, reliance, 2 a. desire accompanied with expectation of obtaining what is desired or belief that it is obtainable, b. one on whom hopes are centered, c. a source of hopeful expectation: promise, d. something that is hoped for: an object of hope.

Hope is absolute and unqualified, power and purpose, and thus, it is enough!  And why?  Because its author and perfecter, reason and end is the Son of God.  This hope changes people and history, turns the church to the world, and connects us to our reason for living.  The purpose of mereHope is to look beyond hopeful ideas or ideas full of hope and to point you and me to signs of bona-fide hope … and find that this hope is enough.