Life at the Table

Meaningful life does not come via a powerful person we happen to know but through a weak and powerless friend who freely gives of himself.

How often do we boast of the rich and powerful people we have brushed up against or met in a chance encounter? And yet, these are not the people who can really shape us or give definition to life. The people who define us are those who may not have money or fame to give but who freely give of themselves. And we do not have to go looking for these people or stand around hoping they will notice us. They are right in front of us. They live all around us. They are the weak and wounded, the broken and powerless. We miss them while we stand craning our necks to see the famous person pass by or when we pretend to be the rich and powerful. Meaningful life comes as we find each other at Christ’s table, offering life to each other. In such humility and friendship, we give and receive from one another the transforming life of Christ.

2 thoughts on “Life at the Table

  1. Good to read. This is hard. I know it, but I always struggle when it comes up. I can get boastful when these things happen to me, and then conversely can be jealous, resentful, or left out if they happen to other people (and not me). It’s always an exercise in interior spiritual formation (which of course is a pleasant sounding way to put it) to remember the things that REALLY matter and the truth about my relationship with God.

  2. SD: Obscurity is hard, but even harder is the fear of being lumped together with the ‘weak and wounded’.

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