Sure Witness

By what authority do I speak, justify actions, or claim truth? I must look to the sure witness not majority opinion or personal preference. A profound difference exists between justifying my choices and preferences and my speech and actions reflecting the true witness. The witness of God comes bearing light, giving sight. Our witness is true only as it points to the witness who is eternal and divine.

An Amazing Journey

Recently I visited a number of friends who have moved to other countries within the last six months.  They have relocated themselves and now live with new foods, languages, ways of relating, means of transportation, mediums of exchange, roles, and neighbors.  These friends have done well, leaning into so many changes and adjustments.  And yet, the more significant journey they have made has not been to obvious cultural or external realities.  Rather, they are on an amazing journey within themselves. Continue reading

Recalibration of the Mind

When I was a young person, I would have run wild if not for an innate fear of my parents.  As a child, I was afraid of getting caught and then being punished.  Later I feared that I would disappoint them or not meet their expectations.  As an adult, I am still prone and certainly capable of being selfish, running wild, and even destroying the good around me.  Since I no longer fear my parents, what is it that keeps me from running amuck?

Continue reading